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Nigerians React To Ruger’s Sexual Harassment On Stage

Published By Chinedu | In Entertainment, Trending | Mar 28, 2022, 4:13 pm

Nigerians React To Ruger’s Sexual Harassment On Stage

Nigerians on Twitter are angry and are demanding Justice for Ruger following the sexual harassment incident.


Recall that a female fan grabbed Ruger’s manhood while he was performing Dior on stage. As seen in the video, the female fan looked like she had too much to drink, but it’s no justification for her violating him on stag

After the video hit the internet, Nigerians are demanding that the girl be found and arrested for sexual assault. While her identity is yet to be discovered, Twitter users are bitterly crying out for justice. Many commented that men aren’t safe and Women aren’t advocating for Ruger’s justice with the same energy they would have used if Ruger grabbed her breast.


They also commended Ruger for handling the situation well and not resorting to violence after the drunk woman grabbed him. Others are angry and disappointed that Ruger didn’t rearrange her face. They commented that if it were Burna Boy, he would forget he is a celebrity and teach her a very good lesson.

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